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The security unit of Park, Udaipur plays a vital role in safeguarding the safety of visitors and the properties of the zoo. The zoo has security guards of its own.

The zoo is declared as a plastic free zone and to maintain cleanliness atmosphere, the security personnel are given the responsibility of cleanliness.

Security personnel are deployed for watch and ward near the animal enclosures so as to prevent vandalism as well as feeding by the visitors. If anybody is found to violate the rules and regulations, the security personnel are empowered to empose fine or taking any other action as per rules.

The security personnel will also help to return lost items on the premises of the zoo after ensuring the ownership.

Security personnel assist concerned officials and visitors to obtain parking tickets at vehicles parking stand. They will direct drivers of different vehicles to park their vehicles .

Security personnel will also be given the responsibility of maintenance of fire extinguishers provided in the zoo. They will be properly trained for in managing emergency situations.

CCTV camera’s will be installed in the zoo to keep the watch on every action occurring in the zoo.